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Our Services

At Lily’s we are committed to transparency. That’s why questions about what products we use to clean, what our cleaning process looks like, what you should do to prepare for our visit, and what you should do once we leave, are all answered in our FAQs. Even our costs are here in black in white. There is nothing “hidden”.

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently had to update our prices by 15% to cover increased labor and other costs. Thank you for your continued patronage!

Carpeting / Rugs

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

43 cents / square foot or 12x12 space (144 square feet) $62


12 straight indoor stairs $75

Oriental / Area Rugs

$1.15/square foot starting at $30 e.g. 3x5 $30; 8x10 $92


Sofa (3 Seater)


Loveseat (2 Seater)


Oversized Chair


Living Room Chair





Size and configuration dependent

Dining Room Chair

$10-20 depending on the amount of cloth

Lily's Service Details

  • Our modest minimum is $120.

  • A small fuel charge may apply outside of Boston.

  • Parking is always helpful. If street parking cannot be found within 20 minutes, garage fees will be added to the bottom of your bill. We try to find a meter at all costs!

  • There are times when spills and stains have been left too long leaving fibers changed or damaged beyond repair. Cleaning will help but may not restore the article to “as new.” Lily’s is not responsible for pre-existing conditions.

  • Lily’s is committed to perfection and we guarantee 100% effort at all times. We also guarantee that if you are unhappy for any reason, we will return free of charge. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

  • We are fully insured.

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