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About Us

Lily’s Correct Carpet and Oriental Rug Cleaning is Boston’s original “green” non toxic carpet, oriental rug and furniture cleaning business. Since 2003 we have serviced the greater Boston area driven only by referrals.

Lily’s is committed to providing a safe process for you, your family, all pets, and the environment. Our performance equals or greatly surpasses standard carpet cleaning processes. Cost savings from green chemicals are passed on to you. We see this as the “correct” way to do business.

Lily's Correct Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our Story

Lily and Jonathan started Lily’s Correct Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning in 2003 as Boston’s first “green” carpet and furniture cleaners after having trouble locating a true “green” carpet cleaner that served Boston. Lily was completing her Master’s thesis at Tufts University on alternatives to the main chemical used in carpet cleaning and drycleaning. She wanted to put this theory into practice. Jonathan learned his rug hand washing and brush techniques from a charismatic group of men from Italy back in 1986 in the homes around Harvard Square. He went on to become Boston’s Guest Ambassador/Concierge of the year in 1995, but returned to carpet cleaning to develop a green process that provided a safe option for his children playing on carpet all day. The result is Lily’s Correct Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Our 'Green' Approach

The “green” or non toxic part of our business is very important to us. We started out in 2003 not mentioning “green” as it was a dirty word that most people equated with bad performance and high cost. The “greenness” of products is continuously improving along with the products Lily’s uses to clean. By proving that non toxic cleaners work our clients are educated and encouraged to try other “greener”safer products. That is the small part we are playing in a much larger sustainability journey.

Our Team

Lily's Correct Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Lily, a long time “greenie”, voluntarily manages Lily’s Correct Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning in addition to working with businesses to help them achieve sustainability goals.

Jonathan, customer service extraordinaire, was an address book concierge, pre internet, in Boston’s finest hotels for 10 years. His passion for perfection is only equaled by his passion for food, music and art. Ask him anything…he can help.

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