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Eek moths... Now what do I do?

The damage from moths

Moths know exactly where to hide! We usually find them under the dining room table or six inches underneath the sofa and in front of the TV, as though they're into evening dinner conversations and binge watching Netflix as well. Getting rid of them is relatively easy.

Below are some of the best ways we have found to get rid of these little critters. It's a short read. Just a couple of paragraphs, short skinny to the point, fat trimmed.

Battling Nature Naturally: In our home we do what grandma would do and battle nature naturally using essential oils and things you can prune from the garden.

We find keeping decorative sprays of fresh cut lavender, blue eucalyptus branches, or their essential oils in rooms with a door leading outside can help enormously. Moths hate lavender, it's like a big neon sign to them saying "stay away!"Additionally, strategically placing a simple sachet of natural cedar chips around problem areas like closets wardrobes will make moths fly away.

The #1 moth deterrent is vacuuming! Even just once a month.....paying close attention to detail underneath chairs, sofas, tables etc. will make a huge difference.

That's it folks. No need for people to come spray moth chemicals all over your house, killing you as well as many other beneficial insects, birds, etc. Just lavender and running the vacuum under hard to reach places every now and then.

We hope this helps!

You can look forward to our next blog post on pests with instructions for the Best Homemade Device to Trap Fruit Flies....

It's the one real chefs use... and we can attest, this device works every time...

Jonathan picked this up cooking at Legal Seafood.

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